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The Argument for Lower-Weight, Higher-Rep Workouts

Lifting very heavy weights can be dangerous, especially when they are at the limit of your ability to control. Bench pressing, squatting or curling in this way makes it more likely that your technique will deteriorate and raises the risk of injury from bad form and sudden adjustments as well as dropped weights. This is particularly true if you’re new…

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Why Do Experts Recommend Exercising Through a Full Range of Motion?

Range of motion is a term most often used in sports training and medical practice (especially rehabilitation) to refer to the movement of a joint from its fully compressed or contracted position to its fully extended position. As an example, flex your arm right now, bending your wrist first toward your shoulder, and then extending it fully. The arc defined…

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5 Exercise Tips for Better Posture

“Good posture” is more than an indication of whether you paid attention as a kid when your parents admonished you to “Stand up straighter” or “Don’t slump your shoulders like that”. Posture is the position in which you naturally hold your body when you are standing, sitting, and even lying down. “Good posture” is when you do this while maintaining…

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Exercise as Medicine: Exercise Early in Life to Reduce Health Risks Later

Health experts have told us for years that exercise is good for us, but it’s looking as though the benefits might actually be cumulative. A number of recent studies have suggested that the earlier in life we develop habits of healthy exercise, the longer we can stay healthy and disease-free. This makes intuitive sense, of course, in that exercise improves…

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Spring is Here and Summer is Coming! Ease into Your Warm-Weather Exercise Routine to Avoid Injury

The prospect of warmer weather just around the corner, especially after a winter like this one, is already inspiring many people to “get back in shape.” It’s like a second chance at that New Years’ resolution you made back in January and never followed up on because it was freezing outside. We all know that exercise is good for us….

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Fitness Around the World

People in the US who are interested in staying in shape tend to favor running or working out at the gym to maintain fitness. But how do people in other parts of the world stay fit? And what might Americans learn from them? Following is a summary of how people in some other countries keep in shape. The Netherlands and…

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Building a Better “Body Weight Workout”

If you’re not familiar with body weight exercising, you should be. No gym membership? No equipment? No time to travel to a place that has all the equipment? No problem!  With a body weight program, you don’t need equipment or time to travel. All you need is enough floor space to do some simple exercises, using your body weight to…

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Best Exercises For Preventing Shin Splints

Although you may have heard the term before, you may not know exactly what a “shin splint” is. It’s a common term for painful inflammation at the front of the tibia caused by strenuous activity. Medical professionals refer to it as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS). The following exercises will not only help to prevent shin splints or MTSS, but…

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Exercise to Prevent and Treat Back Pain: The Latest Research

When someone decides to visit the doctor about musculoskeletal pain, back pain is the most common complaint. Sometimes back pain is the result of very specific trauma—a car accident or a slip-and-fall. Other times, however, its causes are much less obvious—cumulative years of poor posture, inactivity or bad nutrition, for example. The rest of this article looks at the role…

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Top Ideas for Staying Active Through the Winter

One of the great challenges faced by many of us who live in four-season climates is how to stay active and get enough healthy exercise once the temperatures start dropping. When it’s cold and snowy outside, few of us have the “Just Do It” mentality of Olympic marathoner Joan Benoit, as demonstrated in this famous Nike commercial: Joan, bless…

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Proper Form for Football Tackles: Is Improved Technique Enough to Protect Youth Players?

There is no question that football is a full-contact sport that has the potential to cause a variety of injuries, some of which can be very serious.  There is also no question that tackles are the most dangerous part of the game. Concussions and other head injuries, plus damage to the neck and spine can not only put a player…

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Rediscovering Exercise After Years of Being Inactive? Take the SMART Approach

Artists who work with glass or metal know that you should not try to bend or shape the material while it remains cold and brittle. Glass will shatter. Metal will break or quickly show signs of fatigue and damage. Our bodies also need to be warmed up to change. They need the tender, loving care of an artist to reshape…

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