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Endurance Sports Provide a Boost to the Body’s Nervous System

It’s well known that training in certain sports can improve a person’s endurance. If you’re a runner, for example, you know that as you continue to run every day or according to whatever training schedule you follow, you gradually develop the ability to run further, faster, and for longer periods of time. But did you know modern science doesn’t have…

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Exercise as Medicine: Spotlight on Walking

Do you want to become healthier and stay healthy longer? Take a walk. That is the message of two important new studies. In the first, from Tel Aviv University in Israel, researchers found that a simple aerobic program based on walking was as effective in alleviating lower back pain as muscle-strengthening programs that required specialized rehabilitation equipment. The researchers recruited…

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The Best In-Pool Exercises

With summer here, many fitness enthusiasts are taking to a cooler place to get their workout: the pool. According to Women’s Health magazine, “No other workout burns calories, boosts metabolism, and firms every muscle in your body (without putting stress on your joints) better than a swimming workout.” If you’re sick of jogging in the hot sun, if you’re looking for…

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Want to Upgrade Your Running Routine? Try Cross-Country

For many running enthusiasts, it is essential to keep improving the workout technique and to keep things interesting. One way of doing this is it to try out different surfaces such as the treadmill, the street, and the track. However, new information is coming to light about the best way to upgrade your running routine: running cross-country on a trail….

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Want More Brain Power? Then Get Your Exercise!

If you’re interested in becoming smarter, you don’t really have to invest in the many vitamins, herbs, and “cognitive training” software programs and seminars you see advertised on TV or on the Internet. All you have to do is go for a long walk three times a week. That’s the message of a research study published recently in the journal…

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Chiropractic Expertise Helps Reduce Golf Injuries and Improve Player Performance

Can chiropractic care improve your golf game? As a golfer, you may have pondered this very question—and now you’re in luck. A recent Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) study showed that a combination of chiropractic care and stretching enables golfers to increase their drive distance by nearly 10%. PGA golfers such as Tiger Woods and Padraig Harrington certainly believe this to…

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More Exercise Now Means More Independence in Your Golden Years

We all know that exercise is good for us at any age. What is becoming more apparent, however, is that developing the habits of regular exercise in the present—meaning at whatever age you happen to be right now —will pay off for you in the future. A recent study discussed in the January edition of the journal Nursing Older People…

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Spotlight on Obesity: Understanding the Exercise Deficit

We all know that obesity is not just an issue in the United States—it’s a worldwide epidemic. But the U.S. is leading the way. An estimated 36% of Americans over 20 are medically obese, while 70% are overweight. And we all know that our poor national diet—fast food, junk food, and processed foods, washed down with millions of gallons of…

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Want Your Kids to Be Active? Here Is Why YOU Should Be their Lifestyle Role Model

It’s not news—obesity is a growing national epidemic among young people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that obesity in children has doubled in the last 30 years and quadrupled in adolescents. Nearly 20% of children 6-11 years old are obese as are almost 23% of teenagers. This places them at increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease,…

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Which Sports Pose the Greatest Risk of Back and Neck Injuries?

Participating in sports is fun. Sports provide healthy exercise, comradeship, a sense of competition, and the opportunity to build and improve athletic skills. However, all sports also involve some risk of injury. In 2006, the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System reported over half a million injuries, and that figure is only for basketball. The same agency recorded another two million…

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How Chiropractic Care Has Helped Me: Introducing Tom Brady

If you’re at all interested in sports –or chiropractic—you may have noticed in your Internet travels graphics featuring some of the biggest names in sports. The “Get Adjusted” campaign features quotes from athletes and other celebrities who have found chiropractic care valuable and want to share their experience with the public. So far, the campaign includes familiar faces such as…

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How Chiropractic Care Has Helped Me: Introducing Michael Jordan

His biography on the National Basketball Association’s (NBA’s) official website reads, “By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time.” He’s won 2 Olympic gold medals, helped lead his team to NBA championships six times (5 of those times as Most Valuable Player), he’s a ten-time NBA high scorer, has been named to 14 All-Star teams, and…

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