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One Fish, Two Fish, Good Fish, Bad Fish? Making the Right Seafood Choices for You and Your Family

There’s no question about it—food has become complicated.  Issues ranging from genetically modified organisms, potentially toxic herbicides and pesticides and long-term soil depletion to growth hormones, antibiotics and the living conditions of farm animals make it more important than ever (and more difficult) to shop thoughtfully for groceries. Pay for organic? Eat seasonal? Buy local? Go vegetarian or vegan? It’s…

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Soluble Versus Insoluble Fiber: What’s the Difference?

Dietary fiber is a very important component of any healthy diet. Technically, fiber refers to the portions of plants that are edible but that resist digestion. Increased dietary fiber has been shown to protect the body against many diseases (including heart disease), to improve blood sugar levels, and to prevent constipation. Fiber even aids in weight management because it has…

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Glucosamine, Chondroitin or Glucosamine Chondroitin for Joint Pain?

If you suffer from joint pain—especially in the knees, hips, and elbows—you’re in very good company. In fact, an estimated 27 million Americans with osteoarthritis “share your pain”. With a condition that affects so many people, it’s not surprising that researchers and clinicians are interested in finding ways to help “regrow” lost cartilage in damaged joints. Nutritional supplements have become…

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Food as Medicine: Spotlight on Chocolate

What if we were to tell you that there is a magical substance that can decrease your appetite, lower your blood pressure, and even improve your thinking? Sound good? Well, what if we were also to tell you that it’s CHOCOLATE? To many people who adore the dark, succulent treat known as chocolate, this news sounds too good to be…

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To Rinse or Not to Rinse Your Food—That Is the Question

With all of the recent concern over food-borne bacteria such as E. coli, many people are wondering what they can do to protect themselves and their families. In particular, they’re wondering whether washing their foods before preparing and eating them really does any good. Interestingly, the answer to this seemingly simple question is both “Yes” and “No” depending on the…

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What Is an Elimination Diet and When Does This Approach Make Sense?

An “elimination diet” is a methodical process for identifying specific types of food and drink that may be causing negative health effects. Although the popular media often uses this term interchangeably with other phrases like “detox” or “cleansing,” these are actually very different ideas.  The goal of “detoxing” is to cleanse the system to remove supposed impurities, while the goal…

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The Latest on High-Protein Diets

Fans of the Atkins Diet®, the Paleo Diet™, and the Dukan Diet®—all of which revolve around eating large amounts of protein to lose or maintain weight—might be well-advised to reconsider their eating habits. While these diets have been found to be effective at helping people lose weight and normalize their blood-glucose levels when practiced for short periods of time, two…

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Spotlight on Obesity: Understanding the Exercise Deficit

We all know that obesity is not just an issue in the United States—it’s a worldwide epidemic. But the U.S. is leading the way. An estimated 36% of Americans over 20 are medically obese, while 70% are overweight. And we all know that our poor national diet—fast food, junk food, and processed foods, washed down with millions of gallons of…

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Food as Medicine: Close-Up on Cumin

If “having a pedigree” is an important factor for you when you’re considering the nutritional or medicinal value of food, it’s difficult to find a food with a longer history than cumin. Cumin (also known as comino, cuminum cyminum, cuminum odorum, jeeraka, svetajiraka, and zira) is an herb whose medicinal qualities are mentioned in the Bible (both Old and New…

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Great Tasting Alternatives to Table Salt

Most adults probably know that we need to watch our sodium intake in order to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. However, sodium is harder to avoid than you might think. That’s because the typical Western diet includes a lot of processed and prepared foods, most of which contain a great deal of salt. If fact,…

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Fruit and vegetable juice

Drink Your Vegetables! Guide to the Best Vegetable Juice Options

Experts recommend that we get 9 servings of fruit and vegetables each day in order to stay healthy and reduce our likelihood of a wide range of diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer. An evaluation of long-term studies conducted in Europe and the US found that those who ate more than 5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily…

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Top Foods for a Healthy Nervous System

The health of your nervous system is vital for maintaining all your body’s functions and avoiding a range of potentially serious health problems. But if you’re not getting a sufficient amount of the nutrients needed for good nervous system health, you can experience such as numbness, nervous twitches or even muscle cramps. Fortunately, one of the easiest things you can…

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