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Standing More Often: A Prescription for Better Health?

It seems that almost every day we see new research coming out about the perils of inactivity and sitting too much. We’re becoming a sedentary nation, and it’s taking its toll on us, causing or contributing to epidemic levels of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cardiovascular problems. So it’s interesting to look at some of the research that’s being…

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Natural Approaches to Lowering Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension) often has no visible symptoms, especially early on. The only way to determine your blood pressure is to have it measured. If you have high blood pressure, lowering it is vitally important to your long-term health and to reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease. Risk factors for high blood pressure include the following: Being Overweight—If you…

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Healthy Lifestyle Choices Are a Team Effort for Couples

These days, with divorce statistics skyrocketing, it’s easy to focus on the “for worse” part of the traditional marriage vow. But the simple fact remains that a good marriage—or a healthy long-term relationship of any kind—brings lots of benefits to both partners. So we thought it would be a good idea to remind our readers about the “for better” aspects…

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Your Teenager and Back Pain: Why Manual Therapies Are the Best Option

Low back pain is a condition that affects more than 600 million people worldwide, including over a third of all Americans. This number exceeds the number of people affected by diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. The financial burden (medical care plus lost productivity) caused by chronic lower back pain in America exceeds $550 billion annually. That said, one of…

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Pesticides: What You Should Know and How to Protect Yourself

The first thing you should know about pesticides is that they are all-pervasive. The manufacturing and marketing of pesticides is a global industry that generates over $45 billion per year in revenue. More than one billion pounds of them are sprayed annually onto edible crops in the United States alone. And because worldwide demand for food is escalating, so is…

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Does Having Young Children Really Build Your Immune System?

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but many moms and dads believe that having a young child or two around the house boosts their immune system.  It’s easy to see why this idea has some popular appeal.  After all, young children typically have lots of contact with other young children, often in environments where lots of germs can be spread. They…

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A Guide to Better Napping

Over the years, our collective human experience has taught us that napping is a good thing. It rejuvenates us and actually makes our brains work better. Need evidence? Some of the greatest creative minds in history have been avid nappers, including Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and Salvador Dali! However, not all naps are created equal. And there’s something of a…

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Techniques for Improving Circulation

A healthy circulatory system is crucial to good health. To be at its best, your body needs to be able to keep blood pumping from the heart and lungs through the arteries to your organs and extremities, and then keep pumping it back to the lungs for re-oxygenation. Anything that interferes with the proper circulation of blood puts your body’s…

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Why Do Chiropractors Compare the Length of Your Legs?

Why does the chiropractor look at your feet when you have pain in your back or neck? When you visit a chiropractor for the first time, this may seem a bit confusing. Why do they do this? The answer is quite simple. An improperly curved spine can cause a shift in the pelvis, lifting one leg higher than the other….

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Broad-Spectrum Versus Narrow-Spectrum Antibiotics: What You Should Know

The term “antibiotics” refers to any substance that kills microbes of any kind, including anti-fungals and antibacterials. In common usage, though, antibiotics is used synonymously with antibacterials. As the name suggests, “broad-spectrum” antibiotics attack a broad range of bacteria. They are very powerful, very flexible drugs that can used to treat bacterial infections when the infecting bacterium has not yet…

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How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture is a healing technique based on traditional Chinese medicine that involves placing needles at a number of locations on the body. There are 400 such acupuncture “meridians,” each tied to a specific set of health problems. For many, the thought of having dozens of acupuncture needles jabbed into their skin may be frightening. A really good acupuncturist, however, will…

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The New Science of Slips and Falls: What the Research Tells Us

While we’ve all seen the old banana peel skit, slips and trips in the real world are no laughing matter. Simply falling to the floor or pavement from an upright position causes a great many serious injuries—and even deaths—each year. No one really knows for certain how many falls could actually be prevented, but the topic is of growing interest…

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